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Surface Combustion Brand Names

Surface Combustion brings tradition and integrity to technology advancements in many thermal processing industries.

Registered Trademarks (®) of Surface Combustion, Inc., Maumee, Ohio, USA
Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnaces
ATP/CASEmate® Endothermic Gas Generator Microprocessor Controller
Autocarb® Microprocessor Based Temperature/Atmosphere Furnace Controller
AX®, MAX® Ammonia Dissociators
Batchmaster® Batch Oven Furnaces
CASEmate® Batch Atmosphere Furnace Microprocessor Controller
DATAVAC® Vacuum Furnace Microprocessor Controller
DX®, MDX® Exothermic Atmosphere Gas Generator
ENDOQUENCH® Gas-To-Air Heat Exchanger For Endothermic Gas Generators
ERT® Dual Energy (Gas/Electric) Radiant Tube Heating System
ESA® Dew Point Sensor
Forc-Aire® High Convection Heating System
GPS® Gas Processing System
HNX® High Nitrogen Atmosphere Gas Generators
HX® Hydrogen Atmosphere Gas Generators
Intra-Kool® Internal Furnace Cooling System
IONPRO® Ion Processing Equipment & Controls
IRX® Internal (Furnace) Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators
LOADTRAC® PLC/Furnace Control System
MULTIBAR® High Pressure Gas Quench Vacuum Furnace
NX® Nitrogen Atmosphere Gas Generators
P/M Uni-DRAW® High Convection Batch Tempering Furnace For Powder Metal Parts
Power Convection® High Convection Cooling System
PROCESSTRAC® Supervisory System
Prolectric® Electric Heating Element System
Pyrobatch® Batch Pyrolytic Incineration System
Pyrotherm® Continuous Pyrolytic Incineration System
RX®, MRX® Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators
SHUTTLETRAC® Automated Charge Car
SLCmate® Controller Network Interface
Surface® Company Name (Also the Cloverleaf & SC Logo)
TEMPmate® Batch Furnace Microprocessor Controller
Trident® Radiant Tube Heating System
Ultracase® High Temperature Batch Integral Quench Furnace
Uni-DRAW® High Convection Batch Tempering Furnaces
Uni-DROP® Drop Bottom Furnaces
VacuDraw® High Convection Vacuum Tempering Furnaces
Current Claimed Brand Names (TM) of Surface Combustion, Inc., Maumee, Ohio, USA
Air Jet QuenchTM Cooling System For Metal Strip
ASRXTM Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators With Air/Steam Addition
BELTmateTM Belt Furnace Microprocessor Controller
Extended ReachTM Allcase Furnace Handling System
HTMTM Heat Treat Management System
MetaLinedTM Series Of Inside/Out Design Furnaces
MXTM Methanol Dissociators
OneRowTM Pusher Tray Furnace
Sliding BedTM Bulk Material Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
SmallcaseTM Small Batch Integral Quench Furnace
SoftVacTM Gas Fired High Temperature Vacuum Furnace
SRXTM Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators With Steam Addition
SURVACTM Vacuum Furnace Equipment
System #1TM Allcase® Furnace Handling System
TALTM Trend Alarm Log Program
TrinidingTM Case Hardening Process / Furnace Equipment
Uni-BLUETM Batch Steam Bluing Furnaces
VacCaseTM Gas Fired, Vacuum Batch Integral Quench Furnace
VringCARBTM High Purity Vacuum Carburizing Furnace Equipment
VXTM Variable Carbon Potential Atmosphere Gas Generators
Win-RecipeTM Recipe Download, Remote Supervision System


Other Historical Trademarks (TM) of Surface Combustion, Inc., Maumee, Ohio, USA
AGTM Atmosphere Gas Mixing Units
AtmotrolTM Horizontal & Vertical Design Muffle Furnaces
BalcoTM Horizontal Muffle Furnaces With or Without Integral Endothermic Gas Generator
CGTM Atmosphere Gas Preparation Units
Char-GasTM Charcoal-Based Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators
CharmoTM Charcoal-Based Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators & Furnaces
ConjectoTM High/Low Fire Burner System
EconomaticTM Light Duty Batch Integral Quench Furnaces
EutectrolTM Original Gas Carburizing Process
RadicatorTM Solid Waste Disposal Systems (Incinerator)
System #2TM Allcase® Furnace Handling System
System #3TM Allcase® Furnace Handling System
Thrift OvensTM Baking Ovens
XOTM Original Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators Designation