Surface® Combustion Updates Website

Surface® Combustion, Inc., a leading industry provider of reliable thermal processing solutions, has recently updated their website. Surface Combustion has always prided themselves in providing detailed and attentive service to their customers and the improved website further details thermal systems and equipment customers need to accelerate their success. 

Surface Combustion is proud of the new website which details their standard atmosphere and vacuum furnace designs. Not only is the website mobile friendly, but thermal processing solutions on the product, industry, and process pages are easier to navigate. Long-term customer relationships have been the foundation and driving force since Surface Combustion launched their first patented heating concept in 1915. The improved website is another layer of support in Surface's willingness to provide value and serve their customers. 

“We are thrilled to provide a mobile friendly website for our clients,” states B.J. Bernard, President of Surface Combustion. “We know how vital it is for...

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Allcase® is the industry standard for versatile, reliable, high production, controlled atmosphere heat treating.

Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace processes including hardening, annealing

Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnaces are installed around the world to heat treat a wide range of components from small fasteners to large, heavy castings. With continued advances in process control, energy efficiency and automation, the Allcase remains the most respected furnace in the industry.

Surface designed the first ever batch integral quench furnace – the Allcase – over 65 years ago.

Reliable, repeatable and rugged performance controls and automation available in 6 standard effective work sizes and 4 different configurations, an Allcase line can be fully automated with companion equipment to process loads from start to finish.

Allcase Batch Integral Quench Furnaces provide heat treaters value through greater process control, higher production and consistent results. The efficient gas heated units can be equipped with either bung mounted vertical “U” tubes or rear mounted horizontal Trident® tubes. Electrically heated units using Surface’s patented Proelectric®...

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Multiple-Chamber Vacuum Furnaces Provide Vacuum Advantages with Energy Savings

Early vacuum furnace designs began as single-chamber technology in which the heating and cooling required in a typical cycle were performed in the same chamber. While this is a cost-effective furnace design, there are dueling and sometimes completely incompatible design features that are necessary for optimum heating and optimum cooling. Better and thicker insulation helps with heating efficiency, but it likewise impedes the cooling rate and potentially the evacuation rate. Less or even no insulation is highly desirable for faster cooling rates and faster pump-downs, but this design creates havoc with uniform and efficient heating. High pressures and high velocities of cooling gases enhance cooling but are very detrimental to conventional hot-zone construction materials by causing erosion and distortion. Furnace designs with multiple chambers of other technologies are common (as seen with BIQ furnaces in atmosphere heat treating). This concept was the next logical progression in vacuum technology as well. The...

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