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Focusing on Forging… What's Happening?

The need for large scale furnace systems for forgings has increased dramatically over the last several years. Part of this activity is fueled by the need to process large diameter and cross section pieces used for wind power turbine gears and bearings. Other applications include conventional power plant turbine and ship and marine transmission systems.

Proven designs can be provided for operating temperatures up to 2450°F. They employ the latest in combustion technology including regenerative, self recuperative, central recuperation and indirect heating systems where special process atmospheres are required.

If scale generation is a problem in your high temperature process, Surface offers proprietary "Scale Free" heating technology to significantly reduce scale formation.

Oil and polymer quenches capable of handling more than 30,000 pound loads while providing for minimal fluid temperature rise are standardized offerings.

Fast operating manipulators for loading/transfer to quench and unloading are available in in/out and/or traversing models.

Product types processed include aerospace components, bars, rings, munitions, plates, slabs or other like components.

Forging equipment types offered and used include:

  • Rotary Hearth
  • Box
  • Car Bottom
  • Lift Cover
  • Tilt Top
  • Roller Hearth
  • Pusher
  • Walking Beam
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