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Morgan Isley

The MORGAN-ISLEY SYSTEM most often used in the Glass, Steel and Aluminum Industries is a single ejector stack with one “turtleback” reversing valve. Low initial cost and simplified operation make the single stack system the most efficient heat recovery method available for regenerative furnaces. When these systems are equipped with secondary regenerators, the lost heat storage capacity in the primary due to the accumulation of deposits is regained. As heat absorption in the primary decreases, the secondary receives hotter gases and absorbs more heat, which would otherwise be lost, to the combustion process. This compensation keeps combustion efficiency constant and maintains production efficiency. Furnace designs, equipment elevations, site conditions and building dimensions can all be accommodated in the design of a MORGAN-ISLEY FURNACE SYSTEM, permitting the system to be incorporated into either existing or new installations. SURFACE provides the full technical design, supply and installation of these systems. Maintenance and refurbishment of existing systems is also provided by SURFACE. SURFACE provides fuel combustion systems, and advice on furnace aerodynamics, port design and auxiliary equipment, as well as full supervision and commissioning services.