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Power Convection® (PC) Single Chamber Vacuum Furnaces

Surface® Combustion Power Convection® (PC) Vacuum

The Surface® Combustion Power Convection® (PC) Vacuum features a larger work zone volume than most of the competition.

Key Features

  • Ruggedly engineered for maximum uptime
  • Larger inner chamber affords many advantages over the competitors’ smaller, tighter designs including the ability to do extra wide and extra tall load sizes, while also reducing the risk of loading/unloading accidents
  • The higher capacity hearth allows for efficient processing of higher capacity loads
  • Less wind erosion of the inner chamber because of FlexShield™ hot zone face and nozzle design
  • Robust cooling fan and motor, and simplified plenum design
  • Cooling nozzles surround the load for uniform 360° cooling, especially of larger pieces such as dies; high water flow copper finned cooling coils are properly sized for the fastest possible cooling
  • Cold wall insulation is designed to cool faster from higher temperatures
  • Inner chamber is designed to provide rapid and uniform radiation heat transfer to the workload
  • Ideal for hardening, high-temp annealing, sintering, and brazing
  • Furnaces are available in 2- and 6-bar cooling (alternative designs up to 10-bar)
  • Graphite hot zones or refractory metal hot zones are available
  • Diffusion pump is also an available option
  •  Size Ranges: 24″-36″-24″ to 36″-48″-36″

Heating & Cooling Performance

heating & cooling performance graph

Optimal operating range is 1100°F-2400°F with a graphite hot zone

Typical cycle time can run 2-4 hours

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