Surface® has a long history with the aerospace industry and appreciates the precision heat treating required. Aerospace requires a maximum level of strength, fatigue and performance with the absolute minimum of component weight. Surface designs furnaces to heat treat materials such as aluminum, titanium, super alloys, graphite carbon composites and steel. Aluminum for airplane skins and frames is solution heat treated and aged. Titanium materials used for engine and structural components are normalized and tempered. Carbon composites for frames and landing gear components, as well as the graphite braking pads used heavily on every landing, are cured and thermal processed. These materials and components must work each and every time for a very predictable period of time between routine maintenance intervals. Hydraulic system components including valve bodies and spool valves and machine screw actuated mechanisms like wing flap and tail flap actuators and thrusters require through hardening and nitriding. Engine components and aerospace fasteners alloys require solution treating and aging processes in vacuum or precisely controlled atmosphere environments.