SoftVac™: The Pioneer of Hot Wall Vacuum Technology

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SoftVac™: The Pioneer of Hot Wall Vacuum Technology

SoftVac™ Furnace
SoftVac™ Allcase Furnace
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Since its inception in the 1960s, Surface Combustion developed a unique vacuum furnace technology which eliminated the conventional water cooled casing and significantly improved the energy efficiency of vacuum equipment. This technology often referred to as Softvac , furnace represents the pinnacle of engineering excellence, embodying decades of expertise and technological advancements. The journey began with the first unit—a groundbreaking large Vacuum Purged Car Bottom Furnace—heralding a new era in material processing.

SoftVac™: The Pioneer of Hot Wall Vacuum Technology - Product Description

Revolutionary Beginnings
The Softvac furnace, first pioneered by Surface in the 1960s, marked a significant breakthrough in vacuum furnace technology. Its introduction of the hot wall vacuum concept transformed many industry standards, offering unparalleled efficiency and quality in material treatment processes.

Official Adoption and Continuous Innovation

  • 1990: Official adoption of the Softvac furnace for production, incorporating the hot wall vacuum technology for enhanced performance.
  • 1997: The installation of the first high-temperature version, operating at a staggering 1975°F, showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This furnace remains in operation today, testament to its durability and the foresight of its design.

Features & Specifications

Hot Wall Technology
All Vacuum Carburizing Units leverage our hot wall technology, ensuring consistent, high-quality results across all applications. This innovative approach minimizes thermal loss, significantly reduces tar formation, enhances temperate and case depth uniformity, and maximizes efficiency.

Versatile Atmosphere Options
The Softvac furnace operates under various atmospheres—Vacuum, Nitrogen, Nitrogen/Hydrogen, and even Air—accommodating a wide range of industrial processes and materials.

Advanced Temperature and Atmosphere Control

  • Temperature: Capable of reaching up to 1975°F, our furnaces are designed for high-temperature applications, setting industry benchmarks for gas fired heating.
  • Atmosphere: Configurable for Vacuum, Nitrogen, Nitrogen/Hydrogen, or Air, providing flexibility to meet diverse processing requirements.
  • Pressure: Operates up to 2 Bar for improved gas fan cooling. Cable or pulling hard vacuum down to 20 microns as well as partial pressures facilitating low-pressure carburizing. well a other processes.

Multi-Chamber Configurations
Designed to meet the needs of multi-stage processing, the Softvac furnaces can be configured as single,
2, 3 and 4 chamber configurations, ensuring seamless integration into production lines.

Benefits of Gas-Fired Hot Wall Technology

  • Uniform Case Depths: From root to pitch, expect consistency in every piece.
  • Reduced Carbon Deposits: Virtually eliminates carbon and tar build-up, maintaining the furnace’s efficiency and longevity.
  • Cost-Effective Operation: The elimination of the inner chamber and water cooling significantly reduces operating costs.

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