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As the world transitions toward renewable resources and environmentally friendly manufacturing, Surface stands as a proven provider of technologies to help companies lead the movement toward sustainability. Surface is experienced in the fields of pyrolysis and the thermal oxidation of waste gases, in addition to a broad array of solutions to the thermal treatment of biomass and waste products. Surface draws from many decades of experience in the fields of atmosphere generation and atmosphere heat treatment to tackle the complex challenges of biomass processing.

As industrial processes that promote reducing and reusing waste become more socially supported and economically viable, biomass is gaining traction as one of the lead alternatives to traditional petroleum feedstocks, not only for power generation but also for the manufacture of value-added products. Biomass can serve as a feedstock for the production of hydrogen, syngas, biochar, and bio-oils, all of which hold great promise in the future of eco-friendly industries. Hydrogen and syngas are energy-dense gases with a multitude of industrial uses, biochar is emerging as an immensely important soil amendment in agriculture, and bio-oils offer limitless potential for fuel and chemical manufacturing.

Surface Combustion provides furnaces for your biomass system needs. The use of biomass is increasing across the world as an alternative to traditional fuel. Biomass is a reliable, renewable resource that cannot be depleted. Unlike solar and wind energy, it is a consistent energy source.

We define common biomass and biofuel industry terms:

Biomass refers to organic and biological materials from plants, animals and humans. It is broken down to be used indirectly or directly as fuel. It is a renewable, sustainable source that is an alternative to fossil fuels and commonly used for cooking, heating, and transportation. The most common organic biomass materials include:

  • Wood
  • Crops
  • Paper
  • Cotton

Biodiesel fuel is a renewable fuel that is manufactured from cooking oils, food grease, and animal fats. It is traditionally added to petroleum diesel and used in diesel engines. Pure biodiesel can be used in diesel engines but only if they are fitted with compatible parts.

Syngas stands for synthetic gas. Syngas consists of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other molecules.

A biodigester system is an enclosed container that takes human and animal waste as well as food scraps and ‘digests’ it into biogas.

Pyrolysis involves heating biomass using fire without oxygen.

Torrefaction is the slow heating of biomass in a low oxygen environment. It produces a high grade biofuel that is an excellent alternative for, or a supplement to, coal.

Biochemical energy is the energy stored in any living thing including plants, animals, and humans.

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