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Gears are used in many industries including automotive, aviation, marine, agriculture, and many more. Industrial manufacturing of gears includes proper heat treatment solutions to ensure the final gear product has the strength characteristics needed for the application. When it comes to effective processing of gears, Surface knows the best methods for you. Bulk loading in continuous furnaces such as mesh belt and pusher furnaces provide high volumes at high quality whether you are through hardening, carburizing or carbonitriding. Batch loading in Allcases using fixtures or grids to provide spacing around the parts for more uniform processing of each individual piece as also possible. We make furnaces using protective atmosphere, air or direct fired atmospheres or vacuum. Gear types including helical gears, rack and pinion, worm and worm gear, internal, miter gears, bevel gears, and screw gears are among the many gear types we process through our furnaces. Gears can be made from steels, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, beryllium copper, and more. The metal selected as well as the processing used all depends on what the application dictates.

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Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace processes hardening, annealing. Atmosphere of exothermic gas, endothermic gas, or nitrogen

Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace

A heat treating furnace where the load enters the quench tank at predetermined times, all at once. For example, a Surface Combustion Allcase® batch furnace may have a 2500-pound load entering the quench tank once every two hours. Maximum operating temperatures up to 1950oF, with vertical and horizontal radiant tube configurations. Allcase® family also includes RTB and ACT.


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