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Surface Combustion Industrial Furnace History

Surface® Combustion has earned a trusted reputation over 100 years of providing rugged, reliable thermal processing solutions equipped with the latest technology and backed by strong technical support. Surface offers the industry’s most diverse product line of advanced systems and equipment for thermal processing applications. We provide thermal solutions for the complete lifecycle from production to mission support to demilitarization. Surface’s credibility as a supplier lies in our ability not only to recommend but also follow through to supply any number of equipment options based upon a customer’s process, material, and production requirements.

Product and Service Differentiators for Government Contracts

  • Surface Combustion has been an industry leader for generations due to our commitment to tradition, integrity, and technology. We build rugged, thermally-efficient equipment that outperforms and outlasts the competition.
  • We are proud to be an American-owned and operated company and hold ourselves to the highest standards of manufacturing and customer service.
  • Our product offerings are manufactured in the United States of America.
  • Surface maintains relationships with research groups such as the Center for Heat Treat Excellence in Worcester, MA and participates in developing heat treatment processes for AM parts.
  • Surface offers direct fixed, atmosphere, vacuum, and plasma furnaces. This comprehensive portfolio shows our vast experience and knowledge.
  • Extensive process knowledge from in-house metallurgical engineers allows us to custom design to individual process specifications with confidence.
  • Dedicated Aftermarket team for OEM spare parts, customer service, and documentation extends the customer relationship well past purchase.
  • Surface utilizes Jobscope enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for order management.

Core Competencies for all Industries including Government

  • Atmosphere Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Vacuum Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Gas Nitriding Furnaces
  • Ion Nitriding Furnaces
  • Atmosphere Generators
  • Custom Engineered Furnaces
  • Forge Furnaces
  • Austenitizing Furnaces
  • Advanced Combustion Products
  • Process Controls
  • Installation & Commissioning Services
  • Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades
  • Metallurgical Lab & Testing Facility

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Featured Product

Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace processes hardening, annealing. Atmosphere of exothermic gas, endothermic gas, or nitrogen

Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace

A heat treating furnace where the load enters the quench tank at predetermined times, all at once. For example, a Surface Combustion Allcase® batch furnace may have a 2500-pound load entering the quench tank once every two hours. Maximum operating temperatures up to 1950oF, with vertical and horizontal radiant tube configurations. Allcase® family also includes RTB and ACT.


Past Performance

  • Canada DFAIT
  • UK Ministry of Defense (MOD)
  • U.S. Army
  • Watervliet Arsenal
  • Anniston Munitions Center
  • Rock Island Arsenal
  • Tooele Army Depot
  • Pine Bluff Arsenal
  • Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS)
  • Ardec Benet
  • ARDEC (Army Research & Development)
  • Scranton Army Ammunition Plant

References available upon request

Corporate Data

  • Founded in 1915
  • Family owned
  • 100-110 Employees
  • Eligible Small Business Concern per SBA Section 3 criteria
  • S-Corporation
  • 66,000 ft2 manufacturing facility with 30 ft under crane
  • Over 275,000 thermal systems installed worldwide
  • Holds over 675 U.S. Patents
  • Original and sustaining voting member of IHEA and NFPA86

Industry Codes

  • NAICS – 333994
  • DUNS – 183173509
  • CAGE – 58588

The Value of Surface

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  • heat sourceheat source

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