Oil & Gas

Surface® furnaces are rugged and reliable like a roughneck. Our engineers work with you to determine the right equipment to process drilling components such as rock bits and cutting inserts as well as other pumping equipment. Drilling deep hole wells which sometimes have horizontal as well as vertical runs isn’t easy. The last thing needed is a broken tool in the well. Rock bits traditionally use the carburizing process. Today, a rock bit can also be upgraded to steel/carbide/copper construction requiring an alternative thermal treating process. Pumps used for pumping water deep into wells to displace the trapped oil are used in today’s fracking technology, and they require heat treating of vanes and housings. Deep water wells using well casings that must be bolted together section by section require precisely carburized or through hardened bolts and nuts. Surface has special furnace designs to treat sucker rods and couplings used to extract and pump oil to the well surface. Normalizing and tempering of these components while maintaining straightness is done with ease in our equipment. Natural gas compressors, pistons and crankshafts use for transmitting gas through the nation’s pipelines can benefit with wear and fatigue properties imparted by nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC).