Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces

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prodSingleMainImgPlchldr Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces to optimize activity, casings with heavy plates, energy efficient, & reliable

Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces

Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces to optimize activity, casings with heavy plates, energy efficient, & reliable
Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces can direct-fire with high velocity burners, aka bogie hearth furance, latest technology , energy efficienct
Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces can direct-fire with high velocity burners, aka bogie hearth furance, latest technology , energy efficienct
Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces can direct-fire with high velocity burners, aka bogie hearth furance, latest technology , energy efficienct
Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces pre-engineered or custom design, load ratings exceeding 1,000,000 lbs, reliable & rugged

If you are looking for a lift cover, tilt top or carbottom furnace, contact Surface® Combustion today.  Surface furnaces have a worldwide reputation for providing greater value through an unmatched combination of reliability, repeatability and rugged performance. We will help you determine the optimum solution from our pre-engineered or custom designs for your process, product and material.

Lift Cover, Tilt Top & Carbottom Furnaces - Product Description

Surface® engineered furnaces are built to your specifications. Our customers rely on us to provide them with reliable, repeatable and rugged systems and equipment to improve the performance and competitiveness of their products. With over 250,000 thermal systems installed worldwide, Surface will partner with you to determine whether a pre-engineered or custom design is best to meet your process, product and material requirements. We have designed furnaces with load ratings exceeding 1,000,000 pounds.

Surface has a well-known reputation for providing solutions that are rugged and built to last.  Our furnaces have proven to be extremely reliable due to our robust design practices. We love to hear stories about how furnaces we built over half a century ago are still producing quality work. A big part of that is how we design our casings with heavy plate that is supported by large sectioned structural shapes. Steel plate roofs assist in saving energy and provides access to roof mounted components.  Furnace casings are welded gas tight or are properly gasketed to prevent atmosphere contamination and excess heat loss. Surface understands how casings grow and shrink during the furnace cycles and engineers the right thermal expansion joints into our designs.


Lift Cover Furnaces

With lift cover furnaces, the upper furnace assembly is vertically lifted off the base to allow for loading/unloading of the furnace hearth area. Surface offers numerous innovative options for this furnace design to optimize productivity. First, once the cover is raised, the base may be rolled out from underneath, much like a carbottom. Another base, with a pre-built load, may be rolled under the furnace cover.  The furnace cover is set on the new base and the cycle is run. Alternatively, the cover can be fixtured on a gantry system and moved from one fixed base to another.

Tilt Top Furnaces

Tilt Top Furnaces are designed for batch in/out operation. The furnace is similar to the cover and base design but utilizes a tilting mechanism to tilt the upper furnace assembly to allow for loading or unloading work to or from the stationary hearth. The tilting mechanism utilizes hydraulic cylinders and precision control to ensure the proper opening and closing of the furnace assembly. Loads can be manipulated by forklift trucks or a heavy duty designed load handling system. The workload is supported within the furnace setting on either refractory or alloy piers. Furnaces are designed in large sectioned structural shapes with heavy plate that is properly supported to permit stable tilting of the equipment.

Carbottom Furnaces

Carbottom furnaces are also known as bogie hearth furnaces. The workload is placed on the hearth and the car moves into and seals to the furnace, forming the bottom and door. The furnaces can be designed in multiple sizes to meet specific requirements.

Surface will work with you to choose from the latest technology in heating, energy efficiency and controls. Surface understands the difference between convection and radiation heat transfer. For low temperature furnaces, Surface designs the furnace chamber to allow high wind flow from the heat source through the work area using our proprietary high capacity, high temperature alloy fans. For high temperature applications, we engineer the furnace chamber geometry to provide rapid and uniform radiation heat transfer to the workload. When an all-in-one solution is needed, Surface has provided furnaces that operate uniformly at any temperature between 300°F and 2200°F.  Recuperation, providing added efficiency (up to 29% in some cases), is standard on all gas-fired high temperature furnaces.

Surface box furnaces can be direct-fired with high velocity burners if the products of combustion provide a suitable atmosphere for the product. Surface provides direct-fired solutions that have high convective flow to provide fast heating and uniform soak temperatures.

For atmosphere processing, Surface is your best partner. Surface has long been known for its expertise in atmosphere processing. Whether the furnace uses RX® endothermic gas, DX® exothermic gas, nitrogen, nitrogen/methanol, nitrogen/hydrogen or any other process gas mixture, Surface has the experience and knowhow to provide an effective solution. Surface atmosphere box furnaces can be heated by gas-fired radiant tubes or electric resistance heating elements. Surface provides many different varieties of radiant tubes and heating elements, including our patented TridentTM and ProlectricTM designs. Our proprietary high temperature fans efficiently distribute the furnace atmosphere through the load for consistent results. Surface offers internal cooling systems if loads are required to be cooled under atmosphere.

All Surface Combustion batch furnace designs allow for flexibly tailoring each portion of the heat treat cycle: purging, heating, soaking and cooling. Surface batch furnaces are designed to be used for multiple different cycle recipes, allowing one furnace to flexibly perform a diverse range of materials, products and processes.

Surface furnaces can be designed to stand alone or be part of a new or existing furnace line. Surface provides a wide range of companion equipment, advanced controls and support services for single source responsibility. This allows you piece of mind that your installation will run smoothly, and your equipment will be taken care of for the long term.

Ceramic fiber or brick insulating systems

Maximum operating temperatures up to 2400°F

Electric, direct gas-fired (recuperative and regenerative) and radiant tube systems available

Refractory or alloy hearth systems

Companion atmosphere generators, quench tanks and furnace loaders available

Automatic and manual car drive systems

Controls meeting the requirements of AMS-2750 or CQI-9 can be supplied as requested


Building & Construction


Oil & Gas

Steel Mill

Structural Shapes


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Aerospace Components







Cast Iron

Cast and Ductile Iron





Extrusion Screws




OCTG Products



Powdered Metal

Rock Bits

Rod & Bar

Rod Coil





Stainless Steels






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Loading Cars

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