Surface® offers multiple continuous and large batch furnace designs capable of the deep case carburizing, normalizing, through hardening, nitriding and stress relieving needed for large and oversize workloads of heavy duty components. There are many similarities to automotive except that everything is designed larger to last longer. Todays over the road trucks, trailers, buses, dump trucks, garbage trucks, utility trucks and farm trucks are expected to last for hundreds of thousands or millions of miles and to be rebuilt several times. Engine components such as valves, crankshafts, camshafts, pistons and gears all require hardening of some fashion. Transmissions are designed to handle heavy payloads or passenger loads while making multiple stops in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. Automatic transmissions with the inherent hydraulics involved or manual transmissions with clutching systems use gears and shafts and valving that need heat treating. Suspension components, fasteners, undercarriages and frames require wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance treatments. Railroad technology with suspension and frame components, wheels, shafts, bearings, and diesel/electric power trains benefit by very deep case carburizing processes.