An American company, Surface® is proud to support the agricultural industry. Our furnaces are built to heat treat engine and transmission components, axles, cylinders, hydraulic components and harvesting and tillage equipment used on farms and ranches everywhere. Tractors and combines are huge investments with long expected lives in a challenging work environment. Transmission and drive shaft components are much larger and much more complex than in the automotive industry. Gear sets to provide for multiple working speeds coupled with the hydraulics involved in hydrostatic variable speed drive within each gear range require carburizing, through hardening or nitriding. Engine valves, crankshafts, cam shafts and pistons all require heat treating. Axle shafts and final drive components must be carburized or through hardened to withstand the irregularities in farm soils while pulling tillage equipment all while being driven by engines with 100 to 300 horsepower. Combines have many wear components necessary for proper threshing and conveyance of grains which can benefit greatly from nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) processes. Tillage and planting equipment have many components requiring heat treating as well.