Surface Process

The primary goal of Surface Combustion’s Aftermarket Parts Specialists is to assist our customers in keeping their equipment in peak operating condition. Surface’s genuine replacement parts are backed by over 100 years of knowledge and manufacturing experience that only an O.E.M. can provide. Our professional sales and service specialists strive to promptly answer questions to determine specific furnace maintenance and repair needs.

Surface Process:

Our bilingual staff will work with you to find the components you need to quickly get your manufacturing and production line up and running. We have records of every furnace system sold and can access those records to find the exact component you need. Whether the component is in stock or elsewhere, we will source it quickly and coordinate shipping to your location.

In addition to part replacement, our specialists have the knowledge to help you create workaround solutions to keep your production moving until a repair can be made.

There are many companies that can provide parts for heat treating equipment, but Surface would like you to remember:

  • Surface Combustion genuine replacement parts are engineered and manufactured to fit our equipment and meet our stringent quality specifications.
  • Our replacement parts offer the same rugged dependability and material specifications as the components that were built into your original equipment.
  • Our experts can quickly complete all furnace maintenance and repair requests as well as machine repair overhaul (MRO) and furnace overhaul to minimize equipment downtime.


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On Site Stocking and Management Programs

Many large manufacturers and customers with multiple furnace systems at multiple locations benefit from our onsite stocking and management programs. Surface reviews your inventory on hand, analyzes your equipment and optimizes the required inventory level. We assign an exclusive program manager who periodically comes to your site to review inventory needs. We replenish your stock with genuine Surface replacement parts as needed. Your inventory use is reviewed with our engineering staff as an additional benefit to you. The rate that you consume typical failure parts or wear items will alert our team to any potential issues with your application process. Finally, all activities will be reported on a regular basis allowing our customers to do what they do best in the operation of their plant and Surface to do what we do best in the supply of the best replacement parts available in industry.