Off Road/Mining/Excavation

Today’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure as well as construction sites, quarries and mines require bulldozing, digging, grading and crane equipment to do the daily chores. Engine components, transmission and planetary gear sets, and hydraulics used for variable speed control within gear ranges all require carburizing, through hardening or nitriding. Hydraulics are also used for cylinders to lift, lower, push, pull, dig and backfill in many daily tasks. Hydraulic pumps including spool valves, vanes and bodies are heat treated for wear and cyclic fatigue. These must routinely lift or push thousands of pounds of soil, rocks, concrete or mined materials and last for thousands of hours of continuous operation. Rear axle shafts and bull gears are carburized and through hardened. Tracks and bushings that allow the bulldozers and cranes to move on the ground require heat treating to impart strength, toughness and wear properties. Teeth, shanks, and blades that are wear components must also withstand the impact of hitting rocks, foundations and other hidden items while preparing a roadway, bridge site or other construction site or while doing routine work in a quarry or a mine.