Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnaces

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prodSingleMainImgPlchldr Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnace: true vacuum tight sealing inner door, uniform 360° heating, gas & oil quenching, efficient

Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnaces

Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnace: true vacuum tight sealing inner door, uniform 360° heating, gas & oil quenching, efficient
Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnace: energy efficient, gas & oil quenching, can process bright work at higher vacuum levels
Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnace: uniform 360° heating, true vacuum tight sealing inner door, energy efficient, gas & oil quench

When you look to purchase anything in life, you always feel more comfortable when you go to the experts. Surface Combustion has more than 40 years of experience with multi-chamber gas and/or oil quenching vacuum furnace technology. This gives our customers the confidence level that our technology will work every time. This innovative and versatile style of furnace is an industry workhorse.

Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnaces - Product Description

Surface® Combustion took the multi-chamber concept and perfected it by offering true vacuum tight sealing between the heating chamber and the quenching chamber. This is the heart of our design and what makes it work so well. A machined, vacuum-tight, inner door separates the chambers and provides true vacuum, partial pressure, or low-pressure vacuum carburizing processes to work independently and uninhibited from the gas quenching or oil quenching cooling chamber. No oil vapors cause process degradation or work load discoloration. The workloads are transferred between the different chambers using two styles of mechanisms. Normal sized loads use a telescoping carriage fork mechanism to move the load to and from the heating chamber. Heavier loads used a rack and pinion driven graphite carriage mechanism. Both transfer mechanisms are reliable and proven over time. The gas quenching option also provides for the added benefit of transferring a hot load into a cold chamber where it is backfilled and cooled via a high-capacity, recirculating fan directing the hot wind through water-cooled finned cooling coils. The horizontal vacuum chambers are typically water jacketed, but options are available to eliminate some or all the water cooling in this area. The operating temperature range is typically from 1400°F to 2400°F.

Heating is performed under a vacuum, the level of which is determined by the pumping system selected. For vacuum levels down to 10 microns, a combination mechanical piston pump with a blower is used. If higher vacuum levels are required, a diffusion pumping system operating in conjunction with the base pumping systems would be used.

The inner chamber is typically graphite-based rigid board and/or felt with machined graphite resistance heating elements. All are mounted within a stainless steel inner chamber frame which allows for multiple rebuilds within the same frame. The heating elements are powered with a low-voltage, high-current variable reactance transformer.

Oil quenching is accomplished in a shrouded and agitated oil bath to uniformly direct and distribute the oil up through the workload for optimized quenching and minimized distortion. The oil can be heated via electric bayonet style heating elements and likewise is cooled after quenching to return the oil temperature to the setpoint.

Learn about the energy savings

Tight sealing inner door

Uniform 360° heating

Gas and oil quenching

Energy efficient

Hot zone is always at temperature and evacuated leading to faster heating rates and cycle times

Gas quench chamber is always cold leading to faster cooling times over single-chamber vacuum furnaces

Can process bright work at higher vacuum levels than in a single-chamber vacuum furnace

Diffusion pump may not be required

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