Energy Versatility for Your Furnace Heating System

The Surface Electric Radiant Tube (ERT)®  system and the Prolectric® is a versatile heating system for heat processing equipment that uses radiant heat. This system is capable of using the radiant tube’s electrical resistance property of the alloy as the heating source to replace your current gas fired burner within the tube. This electric conversion allows you to choose the most sustainable energy mode for your furnaces that use radiant tubes as their heat source.

For the ERT, thealloy radiant tube used with gas firing becomes an electrical resistor when powered by a low voltage, high current step-down transformer; in our case, a Variable Reactance Transformer (VRT). For the Prolectric, a stainless steel tube is energized and provides uniformity and long-life in carburizing applications.  For both cases, the tube ends are connected to the transformer supplying a tunable  current for the particular electrical input.

ERT® (Electric Radiant Tube)

Prolectric® Heating Elements


Heating Element Alternatives

Small Diameter Prolectric®Electrified Radiant Tube (ERT®)Canned Bayonette ElementSilicon Carbide “Globar” or “Starbar” Type Element
Use in Endothermic AtmosphereSelf decarburizing
design relates to low
Self decarburizing design relates to low maintenanceElement protected by external radiant tubeElement susceptible to shorting if carbon build up is present
Element RemovalFrom inside of furnaceFrom outside of furnace through bungs (Requires additional floor space)Through top of furnace through flange connectionThrough top of furnace through packing gland
Risk of BreakageExtremely lowExtremely lowSmaller wires and ceramic spacers susceptible to breakage when maintenance is performedElements get brittle with temperature and will break if stressed
Typical MaintenanceAnnual visual inspectionAnnual visual inspectionAnnual removal of elements and cleaning of radiant tubeAnnual visual inspection and adjustment of transformer to adjust for resistance change in elements
Element ControlHunterdon transformerHunterdon transformerLine voltage SCRLine voltage SCR
Element VoltageLow voltage to reduce arcing riskLow voltage to reduce arcing riskHigh voltage (element can short inside radiant tube if scale is present)High voltage
Element Life Expectancy3 – 5 Years3 – 5 Years2 – 3 Years2 – 3 Years
Radiant Tube Life ExpectancyN/AN/A3 YearsN/A

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