The superior customer service at Surface® helps with heat treat furnace equipment maintenance, operation, and documentation such as drawings, operating instructions, and spare parts lists. We are also a great resource for rebuild and retrofit services such as rebricking, alloy replacement, and controls upgrades. Our troubleshooting talent is very useful when the issue is not clear. Contact customer service for any of your ongoing heat treat furnace system needs.

Customer Service

Surface’s top-notch customer service department is backed by decades of experience and historical documentation.

  • Engineering & Maintenance Support
  • Metallurgical Test Lab
  • Historical Documentation
  • Furnace Maintenance and Repair


Aftermarket Parts

Surface genuine replacements parts are backed by over 100 years of knowledge and experience that only an OEM can provide.

  • Genuine Surface Replacement Parts
  • Onsite Stocking and Management Program



Surface provides maintenance and upgrades by offering retrofit packages. Our technicians have the expertise to complete Machine Repair Overhaul (MRO) and furnace overhaul. We can improve product repeatability, increase productivity, and reduce energy consumption of your equipment.

  • Rebricking and Alloy Replacement
  • Replacement Controls
  • Equipment Relocation Support


Our expertise and ability demonstrate the Value of Surface.