Surface® understands the high volume needs and the required quality standards of the automotive industry and the suppliers who serve it. We offer many large batch and continuous furnace solutions to match your required work volumes to the floor space and optimal flow pattern. Vacuum and atmosphere processes such as annealing, through hardening, carburizing, ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC), and nitriding are performed on various steel engine, transmission, front wheel drive, and rear axle components. Ball and tapered bearings and constant velocity joints including races, cages and bearings also use the above processes. All types of gears, valves and fuel injection components are routinely processed in our equipment. Each of these require hardening, softening, corrosion resistant and/or fatigue resistant properties. Fasteners and suspension components in high volumes are processed as well. Likewise, the need for vehicle weight reduction without sacrificing performance is driving the need for T6 continuous furnaces for solution annealing and aging processes of aluminum. Powder metal components, widely used for certain gear and intricate part shape applications, are processed using our vacuum and atmosphere equipment