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Firearms and Firearms Components

Surface designs and manufactures custom furnace and heat treat solutions for the production of firearms components, including barrels, clips and action components. In addition, Surface has a full line of equipment to process cartridge and bullet components made of brass, copper and steel.  The metal components of many firearms products call for heat treating as an essential part of the manufacturing and quality control process. Firearms parts may require heat treatment to ensure they are able to withstand the extreme heat, pressure, stress, corrosion, and wear they endure when used in extreme conditions.

The heat treatment process of firearms manufacturing consists of annealing, tempering, quenching, and surface treatments. These processes work to make metal alloys easier to work with during manufacturing and also strengthen metal alloys for greater wear resistance in final use. Our team can provide you with detailed information on Surface products designed to support vacuum and atmosphere processes such as annealing, through hardening, carburizing, ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC), surface oxidation, and nitriding as they are used in the production of firearm components. We offer a range of furnace solutions to suit small batch or mass production needs and match your firearm component production volume to the floor space and optimal flow pattern.

The Surface team understands the need for maintaining high quality standards for the firearms industry and the suppliers who serve it.

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Pusher Furnaces

Surface offers pusher furnaces in a wide variety of configurations to meet your space and process requirements. The versatile design allows for both small and large product trays and baskets to be processed in a continuous fashion.


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