Powder Metals

This fast growing market gained strength from the movement toward near net shape processing where waste materials generated by machining were minimized. Various alloy powders are bonded and compressed together in presses followed by initial high temperature sintering to create the part or component. This technology provides the best way to manufacture geometrically complex parts. Once the part is sintered, final (or secondary) heat treating such as hardening, carburizing and carbonitriding is required to give it strength and fatigue properties. These post processes can be performed in a continuous fashion with belts, pushers, roller hearths or shaker furnaces. In a batch fashion, Allcases are the furnace of choice. Protective atmospheres like endothermic gas are generally used.  Because of the inherent porosity in powder metal technology, post processes such as tempering can liberate huge amounts of oils, smoke and vapors. Washing and degreasing technology is not effective and Surface developed a specialized inside/out MetaLined tempering furnace design to offer you to meet your needs.