Surface is Your Source and Heat Treat Expert

For over 100 years, Surface Combustion has been the leader in industrial heat treatment solutions. From our signature Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace to tried and proven vacuum furnace options and customized engineered products, we are your source for all heat treat and thermal processing needs. 

We work with all industries including agricultural, automotive, biomass, oil & gas, and powder metals and so many more. We are also an excellent resource for rebuild and retrofit services as well as maintenance and operation. Whatever your industry, whatever your precision heat treat needs, and whatever your volume, Surface is your source. 


Our Value

Tradition – Integrity – Technology

At Surface, we foster customer relationships by offering thermal processing solutions which are based on ingenuity, reliability, technology transfer, continuous partnerships and excellent aftermarket support.

The strength of Surface lies in the breadth of our industrial furnace and product portfolio, our unparalleled heat treat process knowledge and our commitment to customer service.

Our total offering spans our standard atmosphere and vacuum furnace system designs, to custom engineered thermal process solutions, to quick, responsive aftermarket parts and service support and rebuild/retrofit services.


Our Strength

Surface Combustion is any global manufacturers’ single source for atmospheric and vacuum heat treatment furnaces. We present to you the most creative standard and custom heat treatment solutions that are low in maintenance, rugged and reliable. Our extensive knowledge, great industry reputation and excellent heat treatment support services create a natural fit as a superior industrial furnace company dedicated to attaining your short and long term indutrial manufacturing success.

Our long-term customer relationships are testament to the value we add. We have been everywhere in the USA and around the world of thermal processing, and with that knowledge, we can solve your manufacturing challenges. 

From engineering a heat treat solution, to commissioning, to aftermarket support, we partner with our customers for long-term success.


Our Support

Surface Combustion offers in-house technical support as well as a large force of customer service engineers. Our experienced field service engineers, product managers and controls experts frequently troubleshoot customer problems remotely. Therefore, on-site visits are often avoided, reducing customer downtime and expenses. When telephone support can’t solve the issue, Surface Combustion will dispatch a customer service engineer to a plant location to inspect, test, troubleshoot, or assist in the timely maintenance and restart of equipment. Surface Combustion’s service support is backed by one of the largest replacement parts inventories in the industry, proving why we are a leading heat treat furnace company and manufacturer. Critical parts and components are often shipped within 24 hours.

We provide a variety of resources for our customers including our Furnace Selection Guide. Using it, you can not only determine the best heat treat solution for your process and industry but you can also confirm the industrial heat treat solution you currently have.


Our History

Surface Combustion pioneered the industry for industrial heat treatment in 1915 with our first patented, manufactured heating concept. Since then, we’ve continued to lead the heat treat industrial furnace manufacturer industry in the USA and around the world with solutions and innovations that revolutionize the world we live in.

We apply ingenuity to any of your manufacturing and metal heat treatment to create solutions. We pride ourselves on being your reliable furnace supplier and industrial furnace manufacturer. We offer installation and commissioning services as well as continuous partnership through engineering, field support, instructional training, furnace maintenance programs and aftermarket parts support.


Surface stands ready to serve you.


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