Surface’s top-notch customer service department is backed by decades of heat treat furnace manufacturer experience and historical documentation.


Engineering & Maintenance Support – To reduce production and furnace downtime, we start with telephone support. If we cannot solve the issue with your equipment and furnace remotely, we will dispatch a manufacturing engineer to your site. Our goal with our furnace maintenance and furnace repair is to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. Surface Combustion’s service support is backed by one of the largest replacement parts inventories in the industry.


Metallurgical Test Lab – Surface maintains a complete process and metallurgical lab and testing facility. We excel in assisting customers with their metallurgical needs by solving problems, providing metallurgical analysis with reports, running sample loads of products to develop heat treating cycles and sometimes by developing new products.


Historical Documentation – Surface maintains documentation including drawings and bills of materials for nearly every piece of equipment we’ve manufactured over our 100-year history and are prepared to quickly and efficiently help you. Whether you need machine repair overhaul (MRO), furnace overhaul, or furnace maintenance or repair, we are your furnace and heat treat experts.


Furnace Selection Guide – The Surface Furnace Selection Guide allows you to see what furnace solution may be the best option for your process needs. You can also use our guide if you already have a furnace and want to confirm its capabilities. Start exploring with our Furnace Selection Guide today.