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Commercial Heat Treating

Surface® is proud to design and manufacture equipment that heat treaters have trusted for generations. Many commercial heat treaters have built their business on our furnaces because they produce consistent, reliable results. Commercial heat treaters provide necessary heat treating, metallurgical and other value-added services to captive equipment manufacturers, service industries, universities, labs, and others. Generally, the customer base of commercial heat treaters doesn’t have the staff, the expertise, the equipment, the floor space, the infrastructure or the interest to do heat treating. In today’s business model, each company is challenged with finding their core competencies and likewise to consider outsourcing that which falls outside of these. The technical knowledge, mechanical expertise, metallurgical expertise and investment in state of the art equipment are the most cited reasons for outsourcing. Likewise, there are the inherent benefits of going to the experts who do this every day, who know what to do, who do it with repeatable quality and who do it in a timely fashion.

Featured Product

RX® Endothermic Gas Generators have electric and direct gas-fired systems, gas generators w/ wide turndown range

RX® Endothermic Gas Generators

RX® Endothermic Gas Generators- RX Gas Generators produce a highly reducing product gas for controlled furnace atmospheres used in metallurgical heat treatments. RX endothermic gas is the most suitable base atmosphere for carburizing, carbon restoration, clean hardening, and annealing of steel.


The Value of Surface

At Surface, we have built, expanded, and rebuilt furnaces in a multitude of markets. Our products are built with the following parameters for optimal performance: fuel economy, decreased unplanned maintenance, temperature uniformity, technology and engineering disciplines, reduction of manual adjustment, long component life, reduced atmosphere consumption, atmosphere uniformity, and easy inspection and preventative maintenance. Customers come to Surface for answers and are impressed by the Value of Surface™.

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Please call us when you are ready to discuss a new furnace or maintain, upgrade or replace your furnace or any part of your furnace. At Surface, we look forward to helping you with any thermal processing needs.

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