Surface's vast product line includes many batch furnace configurations to meet customer specified thermal processing and production requirements. From our signature Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace to tried and proven vacuum options to customized engineered products, we manufacture batch equipment to serve almost every market and any almost process.



Surface manufactures customized continuous furnaces to match your higher volume production or one-piece flow needs. Our large installed base of equipment is a testament to our proven ability to design and implement for your individual specifications. We have the ideal continuous solution to drive your business—cast and mesh belt, roller and rotary hearth, and pusher roller and tray.



Surface's pioneering achievements in combustion and generation of protective atmospheres led to the most complete line of atmosphere heat treating equipment available today. We manufacture standard and customized equipment to meet individual processing specifications as well as industry leading atmosphere generators.



For 50+ years, Surface has manufactured vacuum furnace equipment. Our expanding product line includes the Power Convection® Single Chamber Vacuum Furnace with 2- and 6-Bar quenching capability and the Multi-Chamber Furnace family including 2-Chamber, 3-Chamber and CloverleafTM The VacuDraw®High Convection Vacuum Purged Temper Furnace enables high production, low-temperature vacuum processing.


Gas Generators

Surface offers reliable, easy to maintain, economical on-site atmosphere generation. This includes the benchmark RX® Endothermic Gas Generator, DX® Exothermic Gas Generator, and custom engineered generators.



Surface offers a full line of process control systems from basic single loop controls to advanced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. The control systems are fully integrated with equipment process and motion hardware.


Companion Equipment

Flexibility to meet daily changing requirements is the reason most industries prefer Surface furnaces. Our companion equipment allows for efficient, reliable load handling, integration of auxiliary processes, and simple future expansion.




Surface® understands the high volume needs and the required quality standards of the automotive industry and the suppliers who serve...



Surface® has a long history with the aerospace industry and appreciates the precision heat treating required. Aerospace requires a maximum...


Oil & Gas

Surface® furnaces are rugged and reliable like a roughneck. Our engineers work with you to determine the right equipment to...


Off Road/Mining/Excavation

Today’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure as well as construction sites, quarries and mines require bulldozing, digging, grading and crane...



An American company, Surface® is proud to support the agricultural industry. Our furnaces are built to heat treat engine and...


Hand & Power Tools

Surface® furnaces paired with proper quenching help ensure optimal strength with minimal distortion which is so important to hand and...


Commercial Heat Treating

Surface® is proud to design and manufacture equipment that heat treaters have trusted for generations. Many commercial heat treaters have built...



Surface® offers multiple continuous and large batch furnace designs capable of the deep case carburizing, normalizing, through hardening, nitriding and...


Service & Support

Surface®’s superior customer service can help with equipment maintenance, operation, and documentation such as drawings, operating instructions, and spare parts lists as well as rebuild and retrofit services such as rebricking, alloy replacement, and controls upgrades.

(800) 537-8980

Customer Service

Surface’s top-notch customer service department is backed by decades of experience and historical documentation.

  • Engineering & Maintenance Support
  • Metallurgical Test Lab
  • Historical Documentation


Aftermarket Parts

Surface genuine replacements parts are backed by over 100 years of knowledge and experience that only an OEM can provide.

  • Genuine Surface Replacement Parts
  • Onsite Stocking and Management Program



Surface provides maintenance and upgrades by offering retrofit packages. We can improve product repeatability, increase productivity, and reduce energy consumption of your equipment.

  • Rebricking and Alloy Replacement
  • Replacement Controls
  • Equipment Relocation Support


Our expertise and ability demonstrate the Value of Surface.

A Lifetime Of Expertise Building A Global Community Of Service

Surface Combustion has earned a trusted reputation over 100 years of providing rugged, reliable heat treating solutions equipped with the latest technology and backed by strong technical support.

Surface strives to build customer relationships that endure long after the initial equipment purchase. When you require a thermal processing partner who can draw from a broad portfolio of proven designs, including pioneering atmosphere and vacuum products, let us show you the Value of SurfaceTM.

Multiple-Chamber Vacuum Furnaces Provide Vacuum Advantages with Energy Savings

Early vacuum furnace designs began as single-chamber technology in which the heating and cooling required in a typical cycle were performed in the same chamber. While this is a cost-effective furnace design, there are dueling and sometimes completely incompatible design features that are necessary for optimum heating and optimum cooling. Better and thicker insulation helps with heating efficiency, but it...

Surface Solutions

RX® Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators for Heat Treating

Surface® Combustion RX® Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators provide onsite generation of endothermic gas for controlled atmosphere furnaces performing metallurgical heat treatments such as carburizing, carbonitriding, ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC), hardening, and annealing.  Industries using RX gas include Automotive, Energy, Mining, Agricultural, and Commercial Heat...

Surface® Combustion Allcase® BIQ Line Expansion at East Carolina Metal Treating

Surface® Combustion, Inc. of Maumee, Ohio received a repeat order for an Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace at the East Carolina Metal Treating facility in Raleigh, NC.  Identical to the previously commissioned Allcase furnace, the new Allcase is...

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Seeking Nominations for ASM HTS/Surface Combustion Emerging Leader Award

The ASM HTS/Surface Combustion Emerging Leader Award recognizes an outstanding early-to-midcareer heat treating professional whose accomplishments exhibit exceptional achievements in the heat treating industry. The award was created in recognition of Surface Combustion's 100-year anniversary in 2015. The winning young...

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Please call us when you are ready to do discuss a new furnace, maintain, upgrade or replace your furnace or any part of your furnace. At Surface, we look forward to helping you with any thermal processing needs.

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