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When it comes to fasteners, we all know that we can’t get very far in this world with using something that requires them. Whether it is in your car, your home, your office or in between, you encounter them every day and they have to be reliable. Maybe they are in your car suspension or the bridge you are passing beneath or the airplane you are sitting in or the oil well drilling structure in the Ocean deep waters. When it comes to effective processing of fasteners, Surface knows the best methods for you. Bulk loading in continuous furnaces such as cast belts or mesh belts provide high volumes at high quality whether you are through hardening, carburizing or carbonitriding. Batch loading in Allcases using fixtures or grids to provide spacing around the parts for more uniform processing of each individual piece as also possible. We make furnaces using protective atmosphere, air or direct fired atmospheres or vacuum. Fastener types include nuts, bolts, washers, screws that are used in the automotive, off road, agricultural, construction and aerospace industries. Fasteners can be made from steels, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, beryllium copper, etc. depending on the applications or markets they are used in.

Featured Product

Cast Belt Furnace provided in electric, direct-fired, and indirect gas-fired configurations for specific processes

Belt Furnaces

Surface’s belt furnace product line allows for continuous processing of customer work directly on mesh, cast link, flat wire, or chain conveyors. This allows for uniform processing and without the need for trays, baskets and fixturing. Furnaces can be provided in electric, direct-fired, and indirect gas-fired configurations to meet specific processing requirements.


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Our extensive knowledge, solid reputation, and excellent support services create a natural fit as a superior business partner dedicated to attaining your short and long-term manufacturing success. Our product names are ubiquitous in the marketplace. The longevity of our relationships and the quality of our solutions bring customer satisfaction that will show you the Value of Surface™.

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