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Ion Nitriding and Ion FNC

Surface is your experienced source for ion technologies
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Surface® Combustion offers a wide range of standard and custom designed ion (plasma) nitriding furnaces for batch processing of parts.

With our diversity of atmosphere and ion nitriding capabilities and companion equipment and controls, Surface provides the best technology suited for each specific processing requirement.

Ion Nitriding

Ideal for extended life parts that benefit from this high precision nitriding process

Nitriding is a case hardening process that adds nitrogen to the surface of ferrous materials. A thin, uniform hard surface layer, known as the compound layer or white layer, develops.

Ion Characteristics:

Product Options

Horizontal Furnace

Lab Size Furnace


Ion Furnaces

Surface Solution:

The ion process is an alternative to the gas nitriding process that uses a vacuum environment along with high-voltage electrical energy in the form of plasma to accelerate nitrogen ions to impinge the surface of the work piece. This ion bombardment acts as primary or secondary heat source, cleans the surface, and provides nitrogen to the surface.

Surface Combustion’s originally licensed technology utilizes DC power supplies and now offers a pulse power AC solution with arc detection. The key differences between conventional gas and ion nitriding is the electrical energy used to generate nascent nitrogen at the surface of the work being processed and that no ammonia is required.

Surface has installed ion nitriding furnaces globally and offers a wide range of designs and companion equipment for the following processes:

  • Epsilon White Layer
  • Gamma Prime White Layer
  • No White Layer

Generally, ion nitriding can be performed anywhere conventional gas nitriding is used in a batch furnace configuration. Surface offers a wide array of furnace system designs, in either vertical or horizontal, and can be added to any machining cell due to the cold wall assembly. We offer the nitriding furnace in several other configurations alongside ion nitriding furnaces such as an electric retort pit nitriding furnace.

Surface Equipment Product Benefits:

Fuel Used: Electric

Ammonia Used: No

Temperature Range: 840-1050 °F (449-566 °C)

Load Size: 3,000 to 20,000 lbs (1,360 to 9,071 kg)

Repeatable Process: High repeatability

Floor Space: Cold walled, can be in machining area

Surface has the capability to test the process and optimize the results to verify the outcome. Our lab is used to create the recipe needed for the best product results. A recipe is developed for every furnace installation.

Why Nitriding?

Nitriding is performed at a lower temperature and does not require quenching which minimizes distortion, does not affect core hardness, and allows for a final part shape with no post-machining.

The nitriding process provides excellent surface hardness without introducing distortion. Wear resistance and galling resistance are increased while corrosion resistance is also enhanced. Workpieces in this process tend to have higher fatigue strength.




Engine Components

Exhaust Components


Fuel Lines/Components

Hydraulic Components

Landing Gears








Extrusion Dies

Drawing Dies

High Pressure Die Casting

(HPDC) Dies


Breech Blocks

Cannon Barrels

Rifle Barrels

Automotive and Truck Industries

(Gasoline & Diesel)


Cylinder Bushings

End Plates

Fuel Injectors





Timing Chains


Bodies and Assembly

Ball Studs

Bumper Molds

Hot Forging Dies

Razor Blades

(Gasoline & Diesel)







Coating and Cutting Industry

Bit Holders

Blade Holders

Doctor Blades

Razor Blades

Saw Blades (Bi-Metal)

Saw Blades (Single Metal)





Valve Seats

Plastics Industry


Check Valves

End Plates






Textile Industry





Wear Plates

Tool Industry







Surface Knowledge of Product and Process Supports Your Solution

Surface’s extensive line of furnaces includes relevant companion equipment to ensure the nitriding line installation process is complete. Equipment and Furnace Control Systems are developed based on your application needs.

Companion Equipment

Surface offers a full line of companion equipment for the controlled atmosphere nitriding furnace:

  • Forced Atmosphere Cooling Systems
  • Loading Cars for Horizontal Configurations
  • Supervisory Computer Control Systems

Furnace Control System

The Multi-Zone Electric Heating system is included in each furnace system. All nitriding furnace configurations can be provided with control of the nitriding potential (Kn). This system consists of:

  • Online Material Databases
  • Process Calculators
  • Control of Furnace Pressure
  • Temperature Control

Atmosphere probes for online continuous control of:

  • Nitriding Potential
  • Nitrocarburizing Potential
  • Oxidation Potential
  • Disassociation Rate

Additional Benefits:

  • Mass flow controls for precise control of flow rates
  • Available control system for furnace temperature, load temperature, furnace pressure, gas mixing composition, and power supply

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Please call us when you are ready to discuss a new furnace or maintain, upgrade or replace your furnace or any part of your furnace. At Surface, we look forward to helping you with any thermal processing needs.

Call Surface with the following information ready to initiate your furnace solution.

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  • furnace operationoperation
  • hours per yearhours per year
  • available spaceavailable space
  • operating temperature rangeoperating temperature range
  • heat sourceheat source

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Please call us when you are ready to discuss a new furnace or maintain, upgrade or replace your furnace or any part of your furnace. At Surface, we look forward to helping you with any thermal processing needs.

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