The Surface Combustion team invites you to learn more about thermal processing equipment and technology, as well as heat treating processes, through our product summary.

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A heat treating furnace where the load enters the quench tank at predetermined times, all at once. For example, a Surface Combustion Allcase® batch furnace may have a 2500-pound load entering the quench tank once every two hours. Maximum operating temperatures up to 1950°F, with vertical and horizontal radiant tube configurations.  Allcase® family also includes RTB and ACT.

Heat treats one load at a time. Furnaces that carry out more than one process, such as sealed quench furnaces with their heating and cooling chambers, may have a batch in each chamber. These are sometimes referred to as semi-continuous furnaces.

Single-chamber large box furnace is a cost-efficient, reliable, pre-engineered design that is also low maintenance. Standard loading widths and heights between 24” and 72” with a standard loading weight up to 20,000 pounds. Maximum operating temperatures of 2400°F.

The inner chamber is  typically graphite-based rigid board and/or felt with machined graphite resistance heating elements. This gives the workload a very uniform band of heating through the operating temperature range which is typically from 1400°F to 2400°F.

Designed specifically to temper or draw powder metal parts after oil quenching. Due to the porosity of the powder metal parts, oil is retained from quenching. The oil is released in the form of smoke during the temper cycle. Designed as a companion temper/draw furnace to the Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace.

Quick Quench Furnace maximizes capacity while minimizing required floor space.  Obstruction-free work chamber, large capacity re-circulation fans, and strategically located heated sources to ensure rapid heat transfer, low energy use and excellent temperature and carbon uniformity. Class 2 Furnace, gas or electoral heated system with temperatures 1200°F and up.