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VF Fan Conversion Assembly

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Update your fixed bearing or water-based fan with a vibration dampening air-cooled design.

The VF Fan with dual bearing set enables maintenance to be scheduled around your production schedule. Air cooling removes water contamination issues, and the bung mount design reduces maintenance time.

vf fan conversion assembly

Used On:

  • Controlled Atmosphere and FNC Furnaces
  • Surface Allcase®
  • Pusher Tray
  • Draw Furnaces
  • Mesh Belt Furnaces
  • Non-Surface Furnaces


After approximately 21,000 hours of use, or if:

  • Fan wheel is unbalanced
  • Bearings are worn


Retrofit with bung mount when the furnace has a flat roof with enough overhead space to create a bung fit. This reduces maintenance time and eliminates entering a confined space.

Ease of Installation:

 Bung Retrofit = Surface Support Recommended
Fan Retrofit = Surface Support Advised
Part Replacement = Customer Driven

Time Needed for Installation:

2 days of active work

Time Furnace Out of Commission:

5 days of total down time

VF Fan Assembly Conversion:

The fan retrofit package comes ready to bolt in place and will accept your old fan wheel or can be ordered with a high-quality Surface® fan wheel designed for extra service life.

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