Discover Your Vacuum Furnace Solution!

Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnace: true vacuum tight sealing inner door, uniform 360° heating, gas & oil quenching, efficient

As a vacuum furnace manufacturer, Surface Combustion pioneered the vacuum purged tempering process and has a wealth of data and applications to draw upon for your unique situation. We do it for our customers to have the confidence level that our technology will work every time. This innovative and versatile style of furnace is a first in industry.

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Join Surface at Heat Treat Mexico April 9-11, 2024

Queretaro, Mexico is hosting the ASM Heat Treat Show this year. Join us to talk about how our heat treat solutions can help your business. We are excited to announce our participation at ASM International Heat Treat Mexico 2024, where Surface will showcase our advanced thermal processing equipment, designed with energy efficiency at the forefront. Our commitment to innovation is built on over 100 years of engineering excellence, ensuring that every piece of equipment we offer is optimized for the most effective and efficient heat treating solutions. Join us to explore our range of products and learn how we can support your processing needs with our reliable, high-performance solutions. At Surface, we pride ourselves on the reliability and efficiency of our furnaces, developed through decades of experience in the heat treat industry. ASM International Heat Treat Mexico 2024 provides the perfect platform for us to connect with you, our valued customers and...

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Discover the Best Atmosphere For Your Application

Review this useful book to discover the best atmosphere for your application. It is not just the furnace that makes the best result, but the recipe used to create that result. The generation, application, and proper control of the treating atmosphere is a critical component to your success. Please see more in our comprehensive guide.

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ASM Heat Treat 2023 October 17-19, join us at booth #1801

commercial heat treating furnace

Join Us On Our Efficiency Tour – Booth #1801 Our thermal processing equipment is ready to rock and is built with energy consumption in mind. Enjoy a front row seat to our products and celebrate our years of experience in making the most effective and efficient solutions for your processing needs. Join us on the efficiency tour! Built on over 100 years of reliable engineering, every Surface furnace has a strong fan base. Our customers celebrate our heat treat capabilities every day! Come visit us so we can talk about your next project and how we can help keep your processes running efficiently....

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