Surface Depths™ Reimagined

Surface® Combustion has always placed a high value on customer relationships. We believe that an equipment purchase is the beginning of something much more than a finite transaction. Our first-class customer service, rebuild/retrofit, and aftermarket parts departments are a testament to this way of thinking. A few years back, Surface released a mobile application to calculate case depth. It was used by our engineers and customers alike to complete quick, accurate calculations from the shop floor. It quickly became evident that there was an opportunity to provide our customers with even more complementary calculators to aid in easier recipe adjustments. We are proud to introduce you to the new Surface Depths™ and hope that you find it as helpful as we do. Current calculators include:Case Depth Calculator – This calculator provides a quick, back-of-the-envelope style estimate of case depth (or time to...

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Cambridge Heat Treating Expands Adding Four Surface® Combustion Allcase® Furnaces

Maumee, Ohio:  Surface Combustion supplied two (2) new Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnaces to Cambridge Heat Treating of Cambridge, Ontario. Cambridge also purchased two (2) used Allcase furnaces in Ontario.  All four (4) Allcase furnaces are installed in the same line, along with a previously purchased 30”x30”x48” Allcase with top cool which are all serviced by Surface’s charge car, Uni-DRAW® Batch Tempering Furnaces, washers, and RX® Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generator. Surface commissioned the new furnaces and continues to support the used equipment at its new home. The Allcase’s rugged design, ease of installation, and Surface’s aftermarket parts and service made this project a success. The 36”x48”x36” batch heat treat line greatly expands Cambridge’s capacity for carbonitriding, carburizing, neutral hardening, and added ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) and normalizing capacity with the atmosphere top cool chambers on the two (2) new Allcase furnaces. Says owner Peter Robbins, “We could not be happier with our...

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Surface® Combustion Is Building a Smarter Charge Car

Surface® Combustion charge cars are proven, rugged material handling machines for batch heat treat lines. The cars transfer loads from washers to Allcase® furnaces to Uni-DRAW® temper furnaces. Our standard charge cars include single or double ended, Extended Reach™, System #1™, push/push, automation ready, and fully automated designs. The AP™ Torque system is now available on Surface Combustion Charge Cars and can transform an ordinary means of transport for workloads into a Predictive Maintenance Machine for an entire heat treat line. At minimum, the AP Torque system will eliminate the headaches of maintaining a mechanical clutch. Under the fullest utilization, the system can be used to track worn alloy in furnaces and alert users when replacement of alloy is required, before larger problems occur. The AP Torque System utilizes a Variable Frequency Drive to control the handler motor. The drive monitors and records the power required loading and unloading equipment. The VFD...

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RX® Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators for Heat Treating

Surface® Combustion RX® Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators provide onsite generation of endothermic gas for controlled atmosphere furnaces performing metallurgical heat treatments such as carburizing, carbonitriding, ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC), hardening, and annealing.  Industries using RX gas include Automotive, Energy, Mining, Agricultural, and Commercial Heat Treating.

Surface Combustion pioneered the development of RX gas to be used as the atmosphere for modern gas carburizing.  RX gas is produced by converting the incoming supply of natural gas[1] and air by catalyst and heat to a composition of 40% N2, 40% H2, and 20% CO.  The RX gas generator’s reliable production of consistent atmosphere chemistry with low oxidation, decarburization and soot potential revolutionized the heat-treating industry by enabling boost/diffuse carburizing, as well as atmosphere carbon control.

Our standard modular RX generator designs range from one (1) to five (5) tubes.  Surface offers short and tall tube...

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Surface® Combustion Allcase® BIQ Line Expansion at East Carolina Metal Treating

Surface® Combustion, Inc. of Maumee, Ohio received a repeat order for an Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace at the East Carolina Metal Treating facility in Raleigh, NC.  Identical to the previously commissioned Allcase furnace, the new Allcase is configured to process 36” wide by 48” long by 36” high workloads that weigh up to 4,000 lbs.  In addition to the two (2) Allcase furnaces, Surface supplied two (2) air cool stations, a scissors lift table and two (2) stationary load tables that integrate with an existing IQ line. According to Jamie Ramm, President of ECMT, the investment reflects the company’s long tradition of continually improving their ability to provide excellent service to their customers. On the initial order, Surface incorporated a purchaser specified controls system to match the existing UPC controls. The new Allcase works seamlessly with ECMT’s existing charge car, tempers, and washer. Says Ramm,...

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Seeking Nominations for ASM HTS/Surface Combustion Emerging Leader Award

The ASM HTS/Surface Combustion Emerging Leader Award recognizes an outstanding early-to-midcareer heat treating professional whose accomplishments exhibit exceptional achievements in the heat treating industry. The award was created in recognition of Surface Combustion's 100-year anniversary in 2015. The winning young professional will best exemplify the ethics, education, ingenuity, and future leadership of our industry. Deadline for the nomination is February 1, 2019. Past winners include Olga Rowan of Caterpillar in 2015 and Lee Rothleutner of Timken in 2017. For nomination rules and forms, visit the Heat Treating Society website at and click on Membership & Networking and Society Awards. For additional information, or to submit a nomination, contact Mary Anne Jerson at 440.338.5151 or email [email protected]

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Surface® Combustion Attending 2018 International Fastener Expo

Surface Combustion is pleased to announce their participation in the 2018 International Fastener Expo. This event is the largest B2B of Industrial Fasteners and Tooling & Machinery in North America. Surface Combustion is anticipating the opportunity to gather with other professionals in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 30- November 1. The International Fastener Expo provides the opportunity for attendees to experience an all-day conference program presented by endorsing fastener associations. The conference includes keynote speakers, panelists, and an education program that will cover a variety of topics from leaders in the Fastener & Mill Supply industry. Multiple special events are arranged for networking opportunities. Surface Combustion will exhibit on the show floor at booth #1146. Stop by to tour the augmented reality RX® Endothermic Gas Generator. Surface Combustion looks forward to meeting customers, networking new relationships, and discovering new products. For over 100 years, Surface Combustion has earned a trusted reputation providing rugged,...

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Surface® Exhibiting at Heat Treat Mexico 2018

Surface® is proud to be a Corporate Sponsor of the upcoming Heat Treat Mexico 2018 presented by the ASM Heat Treating Society. This event which is being held in Queretaro, Mexico September 25-28, 2018 will allow for networking and training specific to thermal processing in Mexico.  On Thursday, September 28th at 3:30 p.m., Ben Bernard, VP of Global Sales, is presenting on “Endothermic Atmosphere Monitoring and Control for Carburizing.” A bilingual speaker, Ben will be giving his presentation in Spanish and will be able to address questions in both Spanish and English. Having native Spanish speakers within sales, engineering, and aftermarket services at Surface is just another way that we bring value to our customer relationships.   “Surface is once again excited to support this bi-annual event. The inaugural conference in 2016 was well planned and well attended, and we are anticipating another great event by the ASM Heat Treating Society. Whether it’s on the expo floor, at one of the many social gatherings, or during technical sessions we...

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Surface® Combustion Prepares for FNA 2018

Furnaces North America 2018 is fast approaching, and Surface is getting ready to see you at Booth 200-202 in Indianapolis. This bi-annual celebration of all things heat treat is a great opportunity to get together to share knowledge to further the industry as a whole. Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Harcar shares, “Surface is always innovating, and we are excited to share some of our recent developments. Ben Bernard, VP of Sales and Marketing, will be presenting Tuesday on getting the most out of your BIQ for FNC and CQI-9 highlighting the versatility and flexibility of the industry powerhouse Allcase®. We have some fun things planned for the booth both Tuesday and Wednesday, so make sure you stop by and see us in Booth 200-202. You won’t be disappointed.” FNA 2018 also hosts the graduation ceremony for participants of the MTI YES Management Training Program. To date, Surface has more graduates of this program...

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Surface® Combustion Updates Website

Surface® Combustion, Inc., a leading industry provider of reliable thermal processing solutions, has recently updated their website. Surface Combustion has always prided themselves in providing detailed and attentive service to their customers and the improved website further details thermal systems and equipment customers need to accelerate their success. 

Surface Combustion is proud of the new website which details their standard atmosphere and vacuum furnace designs. Not only is the website mobile friendly, but thermal processing solutions on the product, industry, and process pages are easier to navigate. Long-term customer relationships have been the foundation and driving force since Surface Combustion launched their first patented heating concept in 1915. The improved website is another layer of support in Surface's willingness to provide value and serve their customers. 

“We are thrilled to provide a mobile friendly website for our clients,” states B.J. Bernard, President of Surface Combustion. “We know how vital it is for...

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Allcase® is the industry standard for versatile, reliable, high production, controlled atmosphere heat treating.

Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace processes hardening, annealing. Atmosphere of exothermic gas, endothermic gas, or nitrogen

Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnaces are installed around the world to heat treat a wide range of components from small fasteners to large, heavy castings. With continued advances in process control, energy efficiency and automation, the Allcase remains the most respected furnace in the industry.

Surface designed the first ever batch integral quench furnace, the Allcase, 70 years ago. 

Reliable, repeatable and rugged performance controls and automation available in six (6) standard effective work sizes and four (4) different configurations, an Allcase line can be fully automated with companion equipment to process loads from start to finish.

Allcase Batch Integral Quench Furnaces provide heat treaters value through greater process control, higher production and consistent results. The efficient gas heated units can be equipped with either bung mounted vertical “U” tubes or rear mounted horizontal Trident® tubes. Electrically heated units using Surface’s patented Proelectric® heating...

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Multiple-Chamber Vacuum Furnaces Provide Vacuum Advantages with Energy Savings

Early vacuum furnace designs began as single-chamber technology in which the heating and cooling required in a typical cycle were performed in the same chamber. While this is a cost-effective furnace design, there are dueling and sometimes completely incompatible design features that are necessary for optimum heating and optimum cooling. Better and thicker insulation helps with heating efficiency, but it likewise impedes the cooling rate and potentially the evacuation rate. Less or even no insulation is highly desirable for faster cooling rates and faster pump-downs, but this design creates havoc with uniform and efficient heating. High pressures and high velocities of cooling gases enhance cooling but are very detrimental to conventional hot-zone construction materials by causing erosion and distortion. Furnace designs with multiple chambers of other technologies are common (as seen with BIQ furnaces in atmosphere heat treating). This concept was the next logical progression in vacuum technology as well....

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