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Time Sensitive Heat Treat Furnace Upgrades

Rebuild / Retrofit Department

The Rebuild/Retrofit Department at Surface Combustion is very active. We provide scheduled upgrades to modernize existing furnace equipment for our customers. We also service our customers with quick response repair of heat treating equipment.

Refractory replacement in atmosphere furnaces require skilled brick masons working in a near art form. Surface is able to bring artisans of this craft to support customers whose equipment requires an upgrade.

We recently provided refractory replacement service on several furnaces on a quick response basis to minimize furnace downtime.

In addition to refractory repairs, we also relocate heat treat lines. Customers entrust Surface to correctly dismantle and prepare the furnaces for transit, re-assemble at the new site, and start-up the heat treat furnaces.

Major furnace re-builds and upgrades are also offered by Surface. An example is the Super 30 Allcase® batch integral quench carburizing furnace shown here. In this case, the furnaces were shipped to our manufacturing facility where specialized technicians perform the work with the  assistance of our engineering.

Super 30 Allcase – Before Super 30 Allcase  – After
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