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The Hub of the Wheel


It’s What’s Under Surface® That Counts

Contract Engineering – The Hub of the Wheel

Call it project engineering.  Call it project management.  At Surface Combustion Inc. it’s called Contract Engineering.  Whatever you want to call it, the management and administration of a customer contract is of paramount importance to the success of our business and to achieving the satisfaction of our customers.

Surface’s contract engineers function as the “Hub of the Wheel”.  Every customer contract is assigned a specific contract engineer that becomes that key contact that every customer can count on.  They are at the centre of every facet of project execution.

Working with teammates from all disciplines of our organization, they are responsible for getting things done – engineering, planning, purchasing, manufacturing, installation, start-up and cost accounting.  Just as importantly, they are the main contact for all communications with the customer during all phases of the project and even after sign-off. 

Our contract engineers work hard to satisfy all our customers in the heat treat industry.  Averaging 25 years of thermal industry experience, they know how to get it done.

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