ENDOQUENCH® Gas-To-Air Heat Exchanger

Surface® Combustion’s ENDOQUENCH® gas to air heat exchanger for endothermic gas generators is a high quality, low cost alternative to water cooling for RX® Endothermic Gas Cooling.The ENDOQUENCH® gas coolers can be ordered with new RX® endothermic gas atmosphere generators or as replacements for water cooling systems on older box-style RX® endothermic gas generators. The rated capacity is 3,000 CFH RX® gas per ENDOQUENCH® assembly, or per RX® atmosphere generator tube.

The ENDOQUENCH® heat exchanger benefits include:

  • Eliminates The Need For Water Utility To The Generator
  • No Water Leaks Can Occur, So There Is No Interruption During Heat Treating
  • Minimize Carbon Drop-Out In RX® Endothermic Gas Pipe Headers
  • Reduce Loss Of Carbon Potential In Process Gas
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Direct Mounted To The Reaction Retort Assembly For Immediate RX® Quenching.
  • High Volume, High Velocity Fans Move Cooling Air Past The ENDOQUENCH Heat Exchanger
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Finned Tube Assemblies For Rapid Gas Cooling
  • Stainless Steel Tubes Resist Carburization And Oxidation Of Tube Surfaces
  • Filtered Cooling Air Inlet
    • Aluminum Filters Can Be Cleaned And Re-Used