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Surface Combustion provides a complete compliment of support services to assist our customers prior to the purchase of their equipment as well as after the manufacture and delivery. Surface has dedicated staff personnel for support and to serve a wide variety of customer requirements. Some of our support services include:

Start-Up Supervision and Training

Surface maintains a large, fully trained field engineering staff to commission your equipment quickly and efficiently.

Installation Services

Surface can provide installation services varying from supervision only to complete installation capabilities.

Full Metallurgical Lab

Surface maintains a complete process and metallurgical lab and testing facility with a fully trained staff to perform sample processing as well as metallurgical analysis.

Field Technical Support

Our technical services staff provides direct support to our field service and start-up personnel from our headquarters. An extensive array of testing and calibration equipment is maintained to directly support necessary field operations. Technical services also provide phone support for field service personnel in solving most on-site challenges.