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New Allcase Furnace Line At Bluewater Thermal

Maumee, Ohio, October, 2010 – Surface Combustion, Inc. attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at Bluewater Thermal Solutions’ Greensburg, Indiana plant announcing the installation of a new Surface Combustion Allcase® batch integral quench furnace line.
The Allcase® furnace line consists of two (2) Allcase® batch integral quench furnaces with atmosphere top cool and oil quench capabilities, two (2) Uni-DRAW® temper furnaces, one (1) RX® endothermic gas generator with ENDOQUENCH® air cooled heat exchanger, one (1) spray/dunk companion washer, and companion equipment including a charge car and multiple work handling tables. The furnace line will have the ability to process effective work sizes up to 36” wide by 48” long by 36” high. The Allcase® furnaces will have a maximum furnace operating temperature of 1800 °F.
Bluewater Thermal Solutions’ headquarters is based in Greenville, South Carolina and has more than seventeen (17) locations worldwide. The company is a collection of legacy businesses that were assembled into one company. Many of the business units have been in business for nearly fifty-years. They provides a wide variety of thermal processing for steel, stainless steel, cast irons, powder metals, titanium, aluminum, nickel-based alloys, and non-metallic components.
Contact:          Surface Combustion, Inc., Mr. Dan Goodman, Vice President Sales, (419) 891-7144
Contact:          Bluewater Thermal Solutions, Mr. Terrence D. Brown, Director – Commercial, (847) 372-9661
As a world leader in the heat treat furnace and associated equipment industry, Surface Combustion has over 95 years of experience in designing and manufacturing furnaces and companion equipment for its customers’ processing needs.
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