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Surface® Combustion partners with customers to provide long-term value for their investment with our extensive rebuild, upgrade, and service programs. Your Surface equipment was carefully manufactured for repeatable, reliable performance, however, with time, all equipment needs maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Since Surface maintains records, including drawings and bills of materials, of every piece of equipment we’ve manufactured over our 100-year history, we are prepared to quickly and efficiently help you. Surface is constantly developing new technology that we can apply to your equipment to make it more productive and efficient, and whether you have a batch furnace, roller hearth, pusher furnace, pit furnace, nitriding furnace, quench furnace, tempering furnace, continuous heat treatment furnace, atmosphere furnace, or custom vacuum furnace we will service your system.

The first step to getting the most out of any piece of equipment is performing suggested preventative maintenance. You would never expect your car to run at peak performance without regular oil changes and tire rotations, so why would the school of thought be any different for a piece of thermal processing equipment? RX® Endothermic Atmosphere Gas Generators should be burned out on a regular basis, and catalyst and heating media need to be replaced when necessary. The burners on an Allcase® BIQ need to be tuned. Belts on continuous furnaces need to be inspected for wear and to ensure proper steering and tracking. Graphite heating elements in vacuum furnaces must inspected and replaced when they show signs of damage or erosion. The list of preventative maintenance needs goes on and on. Our customer service engineers can perform these crucial tasks or offer resources and support so that you can tend to them in house.

It is inevitable that your furnace system or generator maintenance plan will eventually indicate the replacement of consumables such as alloy and refractory. Our new AP™Torque preventative maintenance tool helps you identify the need for alloy replacement in your Allcase.

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Aftermarket Parts Department makes sure that you have the proper replacement parts in hand.

Aftermarket Parts Department makes sure that you have the proper replacement parts in hand. Replacing fire brick and other insulation components is important for maintaining temperature uniformity and carbon control and reducing the risk of major failures and damage to equipment. Scheduled maintenance guarantees that you have current knowledge of your consumables and helps you time replacement during scheduled shutdown instead of encountering an emergency situation.

Furnace rebuilds and upgrades occur for a multitude of reasons. Continuous furnace capacity is increased by adding length to some furnace types. Vacuum inner chambers are replaced when the graphite insulation reaches its threshold. Controls are upgraded to keep up with advancing technology and quality standards. Rugged, reliable furnace casings are reused when internal, consumable components have come to the end of their lifecycle. Surface’s rebuild manufacturing department is skilled at all these services along with many more.

Whether you’re looking for training and assistance with execution on the simplest of preventative maintenance or facing a major rebuild, let the experts at Surface help you plan an appropriate strategy and procure the proper parts. Breathing new life into seasoned equipment can truly show you the Value of Surface™.