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VacuDraw® High Performance Vacuum Purged Temper Furnaces

VacuDraw® High Performance Vacuum Purged Temper Furnace

Surface Combustion is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a low temperature vacuum purged tempering furnace.
The design of the VacuDraw® High Performance Vacuum Purged Temper Furnace, featuring our patented wind flow, uniformly recirculates inert gas throughout the workload providing uniform heating and cooling. The advantages are:

  • It frees up your high temperature vacuum furnace capacity for higher revenue cycles. Processing low temperature loads in a high temperature vacuum furnace under a vacuum is a waste of time and money.
  • It uses convection heating, decreasing floor to floor time versus a conventional high temperature vacuum furnace.
  • It will save you money on capital, operating, maintenance, and utility costs versus using a high temperature furnace for the same applications.
  • It is ideal for double and triple tempering required on some dies without wasting high temperature vacuum furnace capacity that is better spent on true high temperature vacuum jobs. These jobs can take up to 3 to 5 times longer for the heat up cycle in a high temperature vacuum furnace.
  • Hot wall insulation is much more thermally efficient than water cooled walls in conventional vacuum furnaces.
  • Equipment cost is approximately 2/3 of the high temperature furnace design.
  • This convection design is optimal for temperatures of 1400°F and below.
  • It is ideal for bright tempering, annealing, heat flattening, stress relieving, aging, and any thermal process operating at 1400°F and below.
  • The VacuDraw is able to process bright loads without a diffusion pump.
  • Size Ranges: 36″-48″-36″ to 60″-96″-60″

Heating & Cooling Performance

heating & cooling performance VacuDraw® graph

Optimal operating range is 350°F-1400°F

Typical cycle times can run 4-8 hours

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